We can safely say that we can find nothing free from chemistry, among that which we use in everyday life and in nature and the universe around us. And it is chemistry which leads our future and maintains our quality of life.

In this exhibition, visitors can experience wonder, beauty and interest in chemistry through various displays, videos and events.
We wish visitors, particularly children, will find that “magic” they experience in the exhibition is chemistry and that it is up to them to use it in the future.

The exhibition is organized with respect to the International Year of Chemistry 2011.


Term: 19(Sat.) to 27(Sun.) November 2011 (Miraikan will be closed on Tuesday, 22 Nov.)
PlaceVenue: 7th floor Innovation Hall National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Odaiba, Tokyo,)
Admission Fees: Free

・On 26(Sat.) and 27(Sun.) November, “Dream Chemistry 21 Children’s Chemistry Experiment Show” will be jointly held.
・On 19(Sat.) and 20(Sun.) November, the exhibition will be held as a part of “Science Agora 2011”.


  • Main organizer: The Chemical Society of Japan
  • Co-organizers: Japan Association of chemical Industries and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
  • Supporting Organizations: The Asahi Glass Foundation, Association of Shape Memory Alloys, Kaneka Corporation, Mitsui Chemical Inc., Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation., Nemoto & Co. LTD., Pilot Corporation, The Pilot Ink Co, LTD., Sumitomo Chemical Co. LTD., Takasago International Corporation